Thursday, July 17, 2008

save the drama for your mama

this afternoon over lunch norah catherine surprised me with a glimpse of her teenagedom to come.  the children and i made pretzels together, copying someone from nancy wilson's blog, and as we ate i emphatically oohed and aahed over our culinary creation.

then she said, "mama, aren't you being dramatic?"

"do you even know what dramatic means?"

"i do; like when i am always freaking out?"

"actually, yes.  exactly like that."

it is interesting to be completely proud of her verbal complexity and embarrassed by her lack thereof all at once.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

port aransas

the beach was a good time. knox did great on the plane, so for that i am quite thankful. here are some fun shots.

ava walking tenderly along the shore....she was a bit cautious with the sand at times.

knox and ava enjoying the sand together. a rare time when knox wasn't consuming the sand.
probably about to consume the sand by the fistful.

a classic beach/child shot. couldn't resist.

well, not a lot of text tonite; feeling a tiny bit jetlagged from my hour and a half in the sky today. okay, it was not that long per se, but i had knox on my lap the whole time. yeah. that makes it pretty long. even if he did do well. did do...hmm, sounds funny.

Monday, July 07, 2008

planes, trains, and automobiles

that's a good movie.

anywho.  we had a great fourth of july weekend.  we spent it almost entirely with tim, taryn, hudson and jonathan ramsey.  such good times.  we rode a mini-train that goes around the trinity river trails, swam, slid, ate (tim's awesome cuisine, como usual), played zonk, watched arrested development, had meaningful discussion, and enjoyed communion and wade's first time to play at our new church.  many things for which to be thankful.  

the not so happy part was taking whit to meet my step-mom and sister on sunday afternoon.  we met at exit one in oklahoma to send him to grandma's for a week.  i have never been without him for more than a weekend and i am trying to have perspective about it.  it should help that tonite knox and i will be going on a plane to stay at a beach house of some friends from church.  i have never been to galveston, but these gracious and generous and very new friends offered our whole family to join them and kara and ava down at their beach house for the week.  wade can't just take off like that, but since whit is gone and wade's family will help out with norah catherine, seems like a fun thing to do.  it should ease my pain of being separated from whit, or at least distract me a bit.  i absolutely love the beach.  i hope knox enjoys it as well as his brother did around this age!  

hopefully i will have some pics to display.  i finally erased the images of my last job shoot off of my card.  i get so paranoid about losing shots that i am afraid to erase my card and then i don't take important pictures, like when our friends were here for the weekend.  no shots of those adorably chubby hudson cheeks?  what a shame. 

and whit should enjoy his journey home on saturday; he is riding the train from norman to fort worth.  he sure loved it the first time we did that and with his grandma and aunt with him, it can only be more exciting!