Monday, September 17, 2007

six point eight

kirsten and i ran 6.8 miles last nite. it was good, but my upper hammies and gluteus max are pretty dang sore. it was our long run for this week, and is actually my longest in about three months. in two weeks we do 8. we were pretty nervous b/c we weren't sure if we were ready, but we talked the whole time (which will tell you something about our "speed") and we really enjoyed it. i am so proud of kirsten, i have been running longer than she has but one wouldn't know it. she is amazing.

i wonder how all of the other trainers out there are doing? i know the one i am married to has stopped the training part of training. i am sad b/c i know he can do it, anyone can, but i understand that it is really hard for both of us to train for this thing at the same time and not sacrifice too much of our time together. especially with all of the other things we have going on during the week.

there is talk of doing the tulsa run coming up soon. my friend mary catherine works for SEMGROUP, which is a big time company (she is kind of a big deal ;)) in tulsa, and she asked me to run it a long time ago. she does a lot of the runs in tulsa and ran her first marathon a few years ago. she is also amazing. anywho, her boss is the "celebrity runner" for this tulsa run and many people in the company are participating. SEMGROUP is a pretty big supporter of OU football, they are a big time sponsor and i hear that they have a pretty sweet suite in the stadium. okay i am officially rambling.

later players.

Monday, September 10, 2007

es oficial

well, i guess that it is official. wade has signed papers and we will be embarking upon a new journey in our life. he only has to pee in a cup and then mail it to the new company's HR office and then it is as good as done. we are very excited and very nervous. it is a great opportunity and the company is very appealing to wade as far as integrity and family-friendliness are involved. i have lived in norman for twenty-eight years and it will be pretty outside my comfort zone to live somewhere else. i was never one who was itching to leave her hometown and see what is out there. there is just something about norman. maybe everyone says that about their hometown, but i doubt it. i hope there is something about fort worth, too. i am really looking forward to having a Whole Foods store nearby. that place is pretty fun. i could spend hours in there (and have). i can really see how God could use this experience to stretch us and grow us, but i hope we survive all the first part of it to even get there! wade will begin oct one and be gone most of oct, then in november he will move in with his folks in arlington, texas while the children and i stay in norman until the Lord wills our house to be sold. i am especially nervous about this aspect of the whole experience, but i think it will be better than five of us trying to live an unknown amount of time in wade's parent's house. it is pretty good size, but there are FIVE of us. that DOUBLES the present body count in their home (wade's cousin jill also lives there). at first we had found a builder and decided to build, but after some wise counsel, we have decided to rent down there until we figure out what part of fort worth we will like to buy or build in. which church, which school, whole foods, supertarget, braums (the only milk our children will drink). hopefully, by next fall we will be moving (AGAIN) into a pretty permanent home (lord willing). so...please pray for us in these ways:

1. survival for the children and me as wade is away f/ us five days a week (patience for me)
2. favor in the house selling arena (if you know anyone who wants to buy a house, send em our way!) the faster we can sell our house, the sooner we can all live together
3. zeal and quick learning for wade as he endeavors to work unto the lord in his new job
4. that we would find a community with the potential for us to serve in and know and be known as we are with our present community

we are thanking God in this time of the unknown for the chance to trust Him without knowing when things will work out nor how, exactly.