Wednesday, February 27, 2008

goodbye week days i know

well, it is almost that time. each day this week it has been strange. i have said to the children, "this is the last day we will...(insert weekly activity)." they have gotten so cute about knowing which days of the week come after others and what we do on that particular day. and how many sleeps until the day they are looking forward to (usually mondays for "lunch school" or wednesdays for grandma's/mrs. stafford's or sundays for small group or thursdays for playing with the spears boys). that was a long parenthetical. probably should have just made that a real sentence...hmm.

it is really sad to leave. there are just some things that seem too painful to actually lose. like it can't be processed really. there are so many things and they are all completely wrapped up in this community with which God has infinitely blessed us. here is a tiny glimpse into the weekly life for which we will long, while trying to trust that different always becomes familiar when the body of Christ is the context.

sunday: this past sunday it was all i could do not to cry as we took communion and before us was wade, kyle, clint, brittany, maggie, etc, playing unto the Lord. next to them was doug at the Table, young guys preparing to pickup the offering, jc stafford looking way too old was hard to swallow, literally. i know it is so bitter for wade to walk away from that. it just makes you think of a great cloud of witnesses. and it is perhaps tooting my own horn in a cleaven way, but i am going to miss the music. badly. the whole service, indeed. i know that God's church is global, but it feels so strong and alive here at christ the king, in norman...small group is always a good time of people and food gathering. the children love being around the older kids and will miss that so much.

monday: lunch school (mother's day out) is a big deal to my children. they have those in texas, though. but they won't have "gavin, emma, zion, and miss lecia" (or so say the children). yoga and pilates with chewy. often a great supper by chef steph (i like that, it rhymes; doesn't it?).

tuesday: running the loop around campus. this is a pretty devastating loss. we have an absolutely beautiful campus. and it is pretty safe, i think. surely compared to the dfw area. when i run there i almost always get hit by a car when i use my ipod. so that's fun.

wednesday: taking norah catherine (and recently knox, without whom i am never, but he actually digs mrs. stafford which is weird for him b/c he only likes me, really, these days) to karla's. it is always an excuse to hang out with her a bit, which i really love. errands and lunch by myself at restaurants. dinner made and delivered by kirsten; so gracious and thoughtful. yoga and pilates with chewy. project runway party at my house, with hot tamales!

thursday: play date with kirsten and the boys. great for the children, awesome for us. we endure public excursions with six children under five. SIX CHILDREN UNDER FIVE. TWO ADULTS. do the math, the odds are really not in the favor of the big people. this is hardcore stuff, people. we get scared, we get angry, we get stressed, we laugh, we cry (it has happened)...D to the RAMA. but we get to do it together. and that makes it totally fantastic. and endurable. running the loop and smelling greek house...simultaneously; kinda weird. watching my guiltiest pleasure (i will not name the show) with steph if she isn't at work. good times for us.

friday: WADE COMES HOME!!!! this one is the only one that i am so excited will not be normal anymore. we will get that exclamatory sentence EVERYDAY! (lord willing). this is why we are leaving normal weekdays behind. for a new normal.

saturday: i don't even remember, because WADE IS HOME!!!!!! something about a long run and a kitschy donut shop, but it is all foggy because WADE IS HOME!!!!

so, new normal, here we come. oh and if you can't get enough of us on the blog check us out on facebook. our meddlesome friends took the liberty and signed us up. i am learning. i like it, alright. but it gets a little confusing for this old grey mare.

and keely, i am working on the tag...i am just not all that interesting!