Monday, January 19, 2009

random pics

here is norah catherine showing off her ballet skills.

on christmas morning before the present explosion.

whit sledding down the stairs. this went very fast, people. it was kind of one of those things that i wasn't sure if we should be doing, but it was such fun.

a little help from mom.

these are the nutcrackers we put out each christmas season. wade's mom got her boys one (still does) each year and then a couple of years ago she gave wade's to us. and she gets her grandsons one each year. so, we have a couple. and i will carry it on when she isn't her to do so, and with all the boys on and on. and for girls, we do snow globes. this was my idea, since wade's mom had no girls (technically), i had to think of something for nc and any other daughters or granddaughters.

this was from november when we took the children to austin. wade had a conference there and we went for a couple days. it was a great city and the hotel was beautiful. the children loved the aquarium, even in their pj's!

i took the children to a park in austin that was so cool. it had a natural swimming hole (we didn't partake) and playground stuff and a train and lots of natural beauty. it was great.

these are a couple of shots from christmas decor. so sad to see it go; wait, we haven't yet! kind of slow this year. i intend to keep it up until epiphany and then next thing i know it is almost february. oh well.

Monday, January 05, 2009

new year, new hopes

some new year hopes; i don't like to say plans, b/c that just seems presumptuous. these are the practical ones; i will save the spiritual/philosophical/intellectual ones for myself as to avoid seeming...well, i think you know what i mean.

1. run the half-marathon in okc april 26. already crossed off my first training run.

2. make a baby. lord-willing. we are officially out of the woods and i only have monthly lab draws. so, according to the doctor, we can try again in june if i have clear draws from now until then. we might ask about trying in march b/c of some credible medical research stating the need for only 3 month follow-up after a partial molar pregnancy (as opposed to a complete molar pregnancy).

3. start a pretty serious fruit, vegetable, herb garden and become a compostee. my feb issue of bon appetit had some great thoughts on composting and i intend to figure it out. i need to ask the olivers about it because they are compost pros.

4. learn to use the embroider/monogram part of the sewing machine my nana passed onto me.

that's not so bad. surely in a span of twelve months i can accomplish a couple of these!