Tuesday, November 25, 2008

looking good

well, last week my levels were at 498 which is WAY down from the 1995 the previous week. so far so good. praise God. i go today, i am beginning to feel like a pin cushion, and hopefully soon i will be at zero and can go monthly instead of weekly.

also, dylan got her first bath in over a year. hey, with three children, the dog kind of gets pushed to the bottom of the bathing list!

soon i am going to post some photos of xmas decorations at our house. we have been having fun with that, and norah catherine has been my little helper. she is super cute; she loves helping.

that's all i got.


Blogger keely steger said...

well i'm glad we've at least got that. i keep meaning to ask my sister and forgetting, so i appreciate the update. we'll keep praying those levels go down.
love you guys. have a great thanksgiving!

4:01 PM  

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