Monday, January 22, 2007

this weekend our neighbors came over for some chili. keith and ivonne are our age and they are pregnant with their first child. we have a lot of fun with them, and have hung out the past few weekends. it is great b/c we can just take our monitor over to their house while our children sleep. over supper we were talking about our married life before children. not a lot to talk about since it was such a short time. but, i was talking about how i would walk to classes and wade went to work. i remember how i used to iron, yes IRON, the linens for supper at nite. and i would use rose perfumed linen water made just for such a thing. i did not, however, purchase that stuff, my friend mary catherine did that. only a southerner would come up with such a gift. it is perfect for those southern women who need a little more perfectionism to add to their adequacy pathos. but, all of this to say, i cannot believe i ever had time to iron my supper linens. with rose water. wow.

also, when we had 16 people in our home this christmas for dinner, wade's gran asked what i wanted to do for linens. i answered that i thought i had just enough linens, that they would not be matching, and that they were not ironed. she was less than pleased. figures, being a southern woman herself. this lady uses her dishwasher as a cabinet for her dishes. why would you use a machine to do something you can do yourself?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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