Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DVR is evil and so are honeymoons

since we have lived in this new house, it is the first time that we have had DVR or TIVO or whatever it is actually called by our servicer. i have always been pretty snotty about the overuse of television (which to me at one point would have been to watch it at all unless you are watching a movie or very pregnant and can't sleep or college football was on). this has caused some marital tension because i always overdo my snobbiness for my husband. and he does like some tv, not a lot, really, but specific things. i would have to give the credit to project runway for calling me out of this immoderacy (word?). it was the first show that i would plan to watch and do so religiously, even celebratorily. then top chef, also.

all of this to say: since having dvr we have begun to record our favorite shows. if you looked at our recorded tv list at this very moment, you would find 64 shows. fifty of them are frasier (totally my doing) and the others are a variety of the office, arrested development, and some boring history things wade records. wade is out of town and i pretty much watched frasier for like three hours last nite. sad, really. and i even let whit stay up with me watching a lot of it. we ate snacks, drank pop, cuddled with a blanket, and discussed the show. not my best parenting, but still really fun. the best part was the discussion we had regarding daphne and niles going on their honeymoon.

whit: where will i go on my honeymoon with my wife, mommy?

me: i don't know, buddy, you and your wife will pick that. where would you like to go?

whit: i would like to take her to the mountains. yeah, the smokies.

me: oh, yeah we had a lot of fun there, would you ride the alpine slide?

whit: no, we would go into the mountain where it is dark and creepy (scary laugh). she would be so scared! (victorious laugh).

me: you know, whit, honeymoons aren't (usually) really scary events. they are full of love, joy, rest, and a lot of kissing.

whit: (covering his eyes and ears and turning red) THAT'S DISGUSTING!

he was so embarrassed that i brought kissing into the equation. it is just so typical, like, girls -have- cooties type stuff. and he totally has a crush on the girl across the street and talks about her a lot and it pains him to talk about her, but he can't help it, he wants to talk about her. so weird, so early...

Monday, June 09, 2008

with high gas prices...

it is indeed good to have things to do in your neighborhood. like being secure in your manhood with the neighbor, Justin.
like playing with frogs.

or smelling them?

or walking to the neighborhood waterpark for a swim or to go down the slides.

the blue one is really quite scary. the red one is very slow and pretty lame, but for whit, it was a blast. yesterday was his and norah catherine's first time to go down the slide. you have to go alone, be able (or willing) to go under water after you come off of the slide, and be able to swim to the steps, no parents catching you allowed. they did awesome, we were very proud.

praise God for neighborhood enjoyments.