Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Enter the Jewett House Selling Contest!

so, jolly dixon gave me an idea to sell our house. she said that she got some tips on selling houses on the television and one seemed very innovative. you are supposed to have a garage sale and an open house on the same day. then as people buy things from your garage sale you give them a flyer about your house and you tell them that if someone buys your house and has that flyer (i am assuming w/ their name and info on it), then you will give them $1,000. apparently it has worked for some people. sounds new and different to me, but there are a couple of obstacles for me doing this. one, it isn't really the season for garage sales and two, i am probably too lazy to host those two events at once (or at all) right now. i know, some of you are thinking that if i were really motivated i would attempt this, but those some of you haven't spent days and nites without end alone with three toddlers. (okay, steph is here but sometimes she isn't). those some of you don't know that said motivation has been trampled over by whining, fighting, and overall unpleasantness caused in part by total depravity and also lack of two parents in daily life. one is such a lonely number.

but, all that to say, if anyone sells our house we will give them $1,000. no flyer needed, just the buyer saying you told them about it. i really mean it. one grand in your hands. satisfaction guaranteed. now get to selling!