Monday, January 28, 2008

Gamblers Welcome

well, we have decided that the children and i will be joining the potts residence (wade's family) in arlington starting in march. lot of sanctification for the whole lot of us, no doubt, but indeed God will sustain us all. steph is going to move out and wait until we are out of the parent's house to join us. please be praying for us as we put this strain on our family and wade's parents, too. we are sad to draw this norman thing to a close, but happy to be together again.

if anyone knows of anyone interested in moving to a new place, we have a proposition for them. we are looking for someone to stay in our home for $500 a month and keep it up for showings. showing the house only means leaving for an hour when someone wants to see it. this is kind of a rush deal b/c we are going in march and would like to have someone in here then and they would need to give their current situations due notice, i guess. the price is a discount for sure, but the gamble is that if the house sold said persons would have to find another place to live. of course, they would have thirty days to do so, but... i am happy to talk details with anyone interested or if anyone has someone in mind who might be interested. please email me at

this week is not looking very fun. wade is in new jersey at "bone school" until late friday nite. bummer.

Monday, January 14, 2008

sick out

apparently this is wade and mason's idea of a good christmas present for their dad. i actually had to endure a whole evening of them dressed like this and with these nasty mustaches. and mason was "in character" throughout the whole evening. i know, right?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

is it spring yet?

this is the part of winter that is my least favorite. not good, since technically winter began only days ago on december 21st. long way to go. i don't really have resolutions, per se, but i have "hope fors". yeah, that takes a lot of the pressure off. i won't share those, really, but here is what i have been up to.

1. usual mothering stuff.
2. playing colleen parish sent this little gem over the listserve and now i have a new sin to wrestle with! yay! but really, i have to set a time limit on this and i am pretty obsessed with how exciting it is to play. if you check it out, be sure to read the FAQ (that's "Frequently Asked Questions") to see how it all works. you can enhance your lexicon and feed the hungry all at once thanks to the huge capitalism machine blinking at the bottom of the screen!! whoo hoo!
3. starting training for my second half-marathon. such fun was that last one. i am actually doing a harder training program and am a bit worried about the time committment on this one, but we'll see. i really loved the half-marathon i suspect it will be my race of choice, but as i haven't yet tried the full, i can't say for sure.
4. really wanting to entreprenue. can you use the word in that fashion? i have two invention ideas, a green dry cleaners i want to start, and a book i want to finish writing. (easy to throw that out all casually, but really i have probably only written ten pages and as for my c0-author, well there is rumor of pages, but i've never actually seen these "pages" ;) ).
5. starting to wrestle with God on having a happy heart about this living away from my husband stuff. three months has seemed my fill, but isn't that the way it always is with us? "okay God i can do this suffering martyr stuff, but there is a cap on it, surely, right? this is how much i can take (__X___ amount of time) but then after that, i would really like my fat life back." please. that is totally how i am in my ugly heart, but don't worry God is truly the king of all things, and sanctifying that whiny moany stuff out? well, He has ways. usually they involve blowing your "time limit on suffering" out of the water. perspective is easily, yet dangerously avoided and then it comes and can be such a rude awakening.

next time i am going to post the sweetest, nastiest pictures i have ever seen. a couple of wade and his brother getting sicked out to pose for a xmas shot for their dad. it involves mustaches and secondhand sweaters and it is horren.