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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Courtney is currently at 4cm.

Again, if you don't know what that means, you are probably a guy, and your ignorance will serve you well in this situation....

You can take that last post and.....

By Wade

We saw that doctor today.
He said that Courtney was very close to labor and that this baby would be here soon. Being that we have none of the supposed intestinal fortitude we once required of ourselves, we set an induction date of Friday....That's right, three days from now Friday. Is the baby too big? Nope. Is he past his due date? Not at all. Are his parents incredibly impatient people who can't live like this any longer or this child will have one less sibling or no father? Bingo...
That's right, expediency. We just can't wait. And we're o.k. with that.
So there is an end in sight. I don't think that the doctor believes we will even make it to Friday, but I'm glad he gave us a deadline. We are elated to know that by the time the Sooners kick off in Eugene, our little watch party will have an addition.
Dr. Ryan said that if they were to have a major influx of patients at the hospital on Thurs. PM, then we may get bumped to Saturday, as we may be able to wait, and we can't quite tell mothers in labor to take a break from birth so we can have a convenient Friday morning induction. (See there, we are good sports) Interestingly, though, he told me that if we were to need to wait until Saturday, we would need to come in about 5am, so that this baby could be born by noon. His exact medical terminology for this necessity was, "Many things will happen on Saturday, but I will not be delivering any baby after 2:30 (which happens to also be the kickoff time, coincidentally)."

This, friends, is what good insurance pays for.

lots of quote sets ahead

so, here we are. six days away from the "due date". i am a cynic. (well, now you know which of us is posting this blog!) whit's due date was august 27th. they induced him to come out of me on september 3rd; "to be sure he was alright". i wish i could argue that they were a tad preemptive and it would not have hurt to have waited and been natural, etc. well, i guess i could argue that, but i feel somewhat hypocritical doing so, since i was definitely not at that point complaining and wanted pregnancy to be over so badly that i could taste it. i remember being relieved to have "doctor's orders" to end the pregnancy part of our life.

norah catherine's gestation was ended by medical induction/inducement, also. i was only three months out of pregnancy when i became pregnant with her, and i still had some extra ice cream weight on me. therefore, i was somewhat larger with her than with whit. this was the pregnancy where the very overweight ob nurse suggested i take some walks to "stay fit"! i was tempted to throw down. anyhow; charity, charity. this time, the "doctor's orders" escape from pregnancy came in the medical paranoia form of "large for dates". you know, the opposite of our current situation. i was measuring a large 42 cm at 39 weeks and they took her one day before her due date of september 21st. to protect her and me from her monstrous size growing any more monstrously. note, i did not complain then, either. i mocked in a "those silly doctors playing God" kind of condescension, but deep inside i was so happy to know the pregnancy would be soon over. and was she ever a fatty. no, not really, but at 8 lbs 5 oz, i think she was a big baby for our genes. whit was only 7 oz and he was a week "late".

this time i have no doctor's orders (but give me time, cause i see him today, perhaps we can imagine something!). although, if this child does not come now or before the eighteenth, we probably will schedule induction for the 22nd. yeah, that is right. i am only waiting (God-willing) four "extra" days. it is so crazy how desperate i get at the end of a pregnancy. sunday nite starting at about 12:30 am i began real contractions and had them until they stopped at about six am. i mean painful, lasting a minute, three to five minutes apart, contractions. we stayed at home just waiting b/c i just wasnt sure-sure. then boom, just over. the next day was hell. i was so tired after not sleeping and my uterus so sore from all of the contractions. and bitter. you have no idea. and i felt like a failure and my husband was all sad that we had no baby out yet. it was terrible. i am definitely adding those five or six hours to knox's labor story. you better belive it. when i see the doctor today, i better be a six. if you dont know what that means, you dont want to.

wish us well and a quick labor that starts without a drip bag (though ending with one full of pain meds is quite probable!)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i hope that i am not the only one who cannot title their post until they are finished with their post. it is so much pressure. probably b/c i am a rambler and not very coherent in my posts and therefore i just cannot really put a label on my post before i have gone here and there in the post.

today is short and not so sweet. i am tired today and i really miss my husband. this is not a public tattling or an attempt to be ugly, but it has just not felt like we have spent time together recently. i think the end of pregnancy fatigue has intensified this feeling, and i am sure i am just emotional. it seems i start each day imagining what a great nite we will have with the children and then once they are in bed i picture us talking on the back porch on our new porch furniture and just being with each other. and then it seems each day passes and the nite with the children goes well, then bedtime for them, and then...i dont know. some edging that must be done, some gathering that has to be attended, some friend, some work stuff (yes now for some reason my husband has doctors calling him at nite, even late at nite! do these people realize they are the ones paying off medical school? leave my undergrad husband alone, people!), some way too pregnant wife too tired to even execute her own daytime dreams of long talks and porches and maybe a little alcohol. i think the weather being so mild and the smells of fall rolling in are adding to this anticipative feeling that seems to encompass all of my life right now. well, i could go on, but i am too tired to keep complaining and you are perhaps tired of my complaints. if you see wade or talk to him, tell him i miss him.