Monday, January 05, 2009

new year, new hopes

some new year hopes; i don't like to say plans, b/c that just seems presumptuous. these are the practical ones; i will save the spiritual/philosophical/intellectual ones for myself as to avoid seeming...well, i think you know what i mean.

1. run the half-marathon in okc april 26. already crossed off my first training run.

2. make a baby. lord-willing. we are officially out of the woods and i only have monthly lab draws. so, according to the doctor, we can try again in june if i have clear draws from now until then. we might ask about trying in march b/c of some credible medical research stating the need for only 3 month follow-up after a partial molar pregnancy (as opposed to a complete molar pregnancy).

3. start a pretty serious fruit, vegetable, herb garden and become a compostee. my feb issue of bon appetit had some great thoughts on composting and i intend to figure it out. i need to ask the olivers about it because they are compost pros.

4. learn to use the embroider/monogram part of the sewing machine my nana passed onto me.

that's not so bad. surely in a span of twelve months i can accomplish a couple of these!


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