Thursday, December 21, 2006

as we consider the sweet anticipation of this Christmastime, let us not forget those who are being overwhelmed by tragedy. please pray for dustin salter and his family. today i finally read the updates that i have been avoiding out of fear. i am so selfish that i dont want to hear of no change in his condition. and i am even more selfish because i dont want to spend my day crying for his wife and three children. i want to be happy and joyous during this festive time. so selfish. i am trying to imagine what things must be running through leigh anne's head (his wife)as she contemplates the season. does she even realize it is Christmastime? what must her children think? they miss their daddy so, yet they are children and dont even fully understand what the worst case scenario could be. even though they are presently living it, no doubt. i am so blessed to have my husband around and yet i complain when he works late. my children miss him putting them to bed once or twice a week, yet dustin's children may never again enjoy this luxury. it is a luxury. this world is fallen and base and such joys are only shadowy foretastes of eternal pleasure. yet we would demand them. i demand them everyday when i arrogantly abuse these luxuries and delude myself that i deserve them. when i act horrified that this woman was robbed of her husband and really i am glad that it wasnt me. oh God, that You would forgive my great oversight. my arrogance and refusal to see You as the beginning and the end of all joy. that i would see this trial as Your Hand and it would draw Your people closer to You, instead of tightening our fearful grips on our earthly comforts. that i would mourn for my sister. truly mourning and interceding for her and for her children.

pray that dustin would recover. all the way. that he would awaken from this vegetative state. the medical terms seem permanent and threatening, but our great God can raise the dead.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

the endless party

yay! the endless part has an end. knox is now sleeping through the night. he is much later than my other two, who at eight weeks were down for the count after ten pm, but some of us just need some nudging. so he's a procrastinator...well, half of the adults in my house are just such! (love you, wade-o.) i guess i have kind of spoiled him (you know what "they" say about how you cant spoil a baby? well "they" are smoking crack.) really, i just continued nursing him through the night because he was so small at birth, and i just wanted to make sure that he was growing well before i turn him over to a full's nights rest. God has been gracious and has allowed him to grow even more quickly than i expected. so, now he is on his own for like eight whole hours!

life is beginning to feel normal. which in our house is really just chaos, but a controlled chaos, which sounds oxymoronic, but is actually quite complementary, which...well, just come over and you'll get it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

hello winter!

yesterday was a fun day. the blizzard was quite something. this so far is reading like a dick and jane book. on thursdays we always hang out with kirsten and the boys, but we decided that we would not be going any further than our front yard. that was were all of the fun was, anyhow. i have been checking out snow/winter/christmas books from the library to read with the children and so whit has been asking when it was going to snow. i kept telling him not to hold his breath! it was so exciting on wednesday to tell the children that it would probably snow. i had no idea how much snow we would get. when the spears came over, they all had a blast in the snow (well, perhaps not so much young jack). there is something about snow like that, at least in states that are not minnesota-esque, you just feel like all responsibilities are off and it is a holiday. wade had to work, but he got off early and we decided to take the children to a movie. we invited the spears and it was such fun. the movie began at 4:15 and when we all emerged from the theater an hour and a half later, we encountered the blizzard! we drove to two restaurants and they were closed, finally ending up at coach's. it was fun, cold, and definitely memorable.