Wednesday, March 05, 2008

7 things about me

1. i shower once a week. usually a saturday (if we have a date or event) or sunday morning (for Jesus).
2. i am co-writing a book with a dear friend (she has three sons). it seems writing books is so now. so fierce.
3. i would really love to name a son Saint Alexander or Saint Mark Alexander.
4. i am obsessed with root beer. this has been going on for about two months. i really think that i have a root beer as lunch about three times a week.
5. i am anemic. this causes some oddities: i could probably live on sonic ice. i have consumed laundry detergent. i have also consumed irish spring soap and since forcing myself not to consume it, have, in desperate times, resorted to rubbing the soap all over my arms in the bath until a whole bar is almost gone so that i can smell it intensely. whoa. that probably crossed into scary for the reader, but still, it's a disease, and i can't help it.
6. if i weren't doing what i am doing, i would: steal ideas from doug's blog, be a photographer, write books, flip houses.
7. in high school, i won the title of "female class clown". i remember thinking, "that's weird". but then i realized that i can be pretty goofy. i can't tell you how many times in my entire life people have asked me if i am drunk (now they just accuse me of it, josh spears) when i had not even had a drink. if i am nervous or excited, whoa. i can be a little wild and just plain bizarre. not all people handle emotion the same way. chewy laughs when she is in pain, i laugh when i am nervous or scared. adrenaline just really does some funny things to me.