Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We have a first word!

he has been hinting at this one, but today as dylan walked into his room, he looked at her and said it, "dog"! i kept making him say it because i had to be sure and because it is great to hear his little voice and not to have to wait a couple more months until he is one. so cute. i knew a child of mine would have to have dog as a first word. it is quite fitting. whit's first word was baby (but not until he was one) and norah catherine's was...hmm, well middle child and all, i can't really recall. also, she probably didn't have a first word, she started talking at around one and hasn't stopped!

speaking of cute talking babies, that one year old steger boy (happy birthday this monday) was over for supper last week and he was full of words. he said hat (signed it and said it) and said thank you and said whit and some other stuff, too. it was very impressive!

dylan was especially pleased with this new word!